AT&T Data Plans

AT&T offers the various services to its customers including internet service. The various AT&T Data Plans are offered to their consumers for the best internet service. The detail about the data plan can be seen in the below.

Different AT&T Data Plans

  1. DSL

AT&T Data Plans


Price Internet Speed Monthly Data Allowance
$200 max/mo. 150 GB
  1. U-verse Internet

AT&T U-verse Internet

Price Internet Speed Monthly Data Allowance before May 23, 2016. Monthly Data Allowance effective from May 23, 2016.
$100 max/mo. 12 Mbps, 18 Mbps, 15 Mbps, 24 Mbps, 75 Mbps and 45 MBps 250 GB 600 GB
768 K to 6 Mbps 250 GB 300 GB
100 Mbps 500 GB 1 TB
300 Mbps 500 GB 1 TB
1 GBps 1 TB 1 TB

If you use more data than mentioned in your monthly data allowances then you will be noticed about it via email. You will need to pay extra charge if you exceed your monthly data allowance for three times in a row. You might need to pay $10 for every extra 50 GB you got in that month. The maximum of $100 will be charged to you for this type of conditions.AT&T Data Plan

You can also buy an unlimited allowance. When you buy a TV service from AT&T including the internet service, you can get the unlimited data allowances that values for $30 without requiring to make any extra charges.Data Plan

Exceeding the data plan can be very expensive as you will require to make extra payments. Hence it is always a wise idea to check your data usage regularly. AT&T sends you notification on your email when your usage completes 65%, 90% and 100%. Likewise you will be sent with the notification every time you use more than your data plan.

You will need to pay the extra charge as you receive the notification mail for the third time. Also, you can login to the AT&T at any time to check your current data usage. After logging in you have an option to check the data usage on each day and also check the data usage on the monthly basis.ATt data usage

The AT&T data plans are offered according to the need of the customers. So, you should always choose the right one that suits your requirement. You are provided with a data calculator so that you can find out the suitable plan for you. You can access the calculator online by navigating to the web site

AT&T data calculator

As already mentioned above, one of the solution to be prevented from the extra charge is taking control over your data usage. There are different ways to reduce the data usage. Followings are the various solutions for it:-

  1. You should always keep your connection away from the unauthorized persons. So, secure your network so that no one can access it without permission.
  2. One of the wise idea is controlling the time for using the data by every members in your house.
  3. You should know about the need of using the data for yourself. Control data usage by playing less online games, decreasing the number of downloads and with less movie streaming.

AT&T Internet or ATT Internet | Packages and Costs

AT&T Internet is the service by AT&T related with internet which includes all the facilities the users want to get from Internet.  AT&T Inc. Internet service provides different high-speed internet packages to its customers. The ATT Internet service is ninety-nine percent reliable. Along with this service, you can get a fifty dollars AT&T Visa Reward Card which you can order it online.

It costs only thirty dollars in a bundle. Different bundles are available according to your choice. The more you bundle with the internet, the more you will save money. The more you pay, the more you get services according to the available bundles.

AT&T Internet

AT&T Internet

AT&T Internet Offers

The Internet ( $30 per month )

att Internet

This scheme of AT&T Internet service bundle costs thirty dollars per month. You can get 1 TB of the internet data for a month. The term is required. For each additional 50 GB of the internet data, $10 dollars is charged and the speed of the internet varies and is not guaranteed.

Internet + DIRECTV ( 80 dollars per month )

internet plus direct tv

This service bundle costs eighty dollars per month.  You can get the facility of DIREC TV also. You will get 24 months TV, combined billing required is included and twelve month internet age. The data allowance having a value of thirty dollars is unlimited at no additional charge. It is a bit costlier than the previous option of the AT&T Internet service but has got increased the facilities that you get.

Internet + DIRECTV + Digital Home Phone ( 89.99 dollars per mo )internet direct tv home phone

This service bundle will cost you 89.99 dollars per month with tax excluded. You can get the facility of DIRECTV plus the digital home phone. In this ATT Bundle Plan you will get twenty-four month TV, combined billing required is included and twelve month internet age. The data allowance having a value of thirty dollars is unlimited at no additional charge. This package of A&T internet service has the increased option in a bit higher cost.

AT&T U-verse High-Speed the Internet

Att Uverste High Speed Internet

This AT&T U-verse High-Speed internet is very reliable, fast and connected. You can have great downstream speeds with full and powerful security features. The offers provided by the AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet are Virtually unlimited email storage through which you can backup your data and information to keep it safe, wireless router and wireless home networking.

Along with it you will get powerful security services like anti-virus, firewall protection, anti-spyware and parental controls. With help of these features your data will be secure and you can also get access to the entire national AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot network in which free of charges.

AT&T Giga Power

Giga Power

This service is very reliable and fast. The internet speed is very fast as it delivers the internet up to 1GB per second. The downloads are faster, the buffering is very less and the Wi-Fi network connection is ultra-reliable on a hundred percent fiber network. The stream is very strong and the games are twenty times faster than the average cable customer.

Access from AT&T Internet

Internet Plans

The ATT Internet service is making people easier to connect to the family, friends and things that matter the most as the digital world is full of possibilities.

AT&T is offering low-cost wire line home Internet service to qualifying households

The AT&T offers the wire line home internet service with an address in the 21-state service area of the ATT Internet service. The AT&T is offering this service with at least one resident who has been participating in the SNAP ( Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program ) of the United States. If you are participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and is also a resident of California and one of your household member receives the benefits of the SSI ( Supplemental Security Income ), then you can also get the AT&T low-cost wire line home internet service.

Also, you can get the service without standing  debt for the fixed internet service of the AT&T but it should be within the last 6 months or under this program, the outstanding debt should have been incurred.

Service availability and speed may vary by address. AT&T will assign you the fastest of these speed tiers available* where you live

Different ATT Data Plans are available according to your choice. By paying five dollars per month, you can get 3MB per second of internet speed. And for ten dollars per month, you can get 5MB per second of internet speed. By paying ten dollars per month, you can get 10MB per second of internet speed. You cannot participate the AT&T access program if the above data plans or services are not available at your address but you can subscribe other AT&T internet services which are available to your place.

Also, you can get the “move my service ” through the  internet service. Other extra internet services are also available like internet equipment, AT&T Wi-Fi, internet security suite and AT&T 24/7 support plus.

AT&T Plans or ATT Plans

ATT Plans gives let you know what are the offers you can get form AT&T. AT&T Inc is a multinational telecommunication conglomerate of the United States of America. The headquarter of AT&T is situated in Dallas, Texas. The revenue of this company is 146.8 billion of US Dollars. This company was founded by the Bell Telephone Company on October 5, 1983, in Delaware of the United States.

The different subsidiaries of this company are DirecTV, Cricket Wireless, AT&T Mobility, AT&T Corporation, AT&T Mexico, AT&T internet Services, Southwestern Bell, AT&T Digital Life, BellSouth Telecommunications, AT&T Tele holdings Inc., AT&T Labs, YP Holdings, Pacific Bell, Illinois Bell Telephone Company, Sterling Commerce, Chio Bell, AT&T International Inc., Indiana Bell, etc.

Among the mobile telephone service providers, it is the 2nd largest of fixed telephone services. Also, the broadband subscription television services are broadcasted through the DirecTV. It has a total of 130.4 million of mobile customers. AT&T plans are attractive and very easy to use.

AT&T Plans

ATT Plans


AT&T Mobile Share Advantage

ATT Plans include the mobile share advantage option for its users. AT&T has provided different AT&T Mobile Share Advantage which is very reliable and attractive for the people.

Worry-Free Data

Even if you exceed your high-speed data allotments, you don’t have to worry about it as there are no overage charges for it. You can have the truly shareable data for your whole family as it is available for ten tablets, phones, and other devices. The Rollover Data service is also provided to you. It is an excellent service as your plan data will be rolled over to the next month if you are not using it in this month. This has been very successful scheme under the ATT Data Plans.

Unlimited Talk and Text

With the AT&T Mobile Share Advantage, you can have unlimited domestic calls and texts on phones which will make your talk and text service easier and no extra cost. You can text to over one hundred and twenty countries from the United States. Also, you can get unlimited talk and text to the Canada and Mexico if you get 10GB or higher plans with no roaming charges. AT&T plans has entertained its many users with this scheme which fascinates users with reliable service at low price.

Under ATT plans the different data amounts for different AT&T Mobile Share Advantages are as follows:

  • 1GB – $30
  • 3GB – $40
  • 6GB – $60
  • 10GB – $80
  • 16GB – $90
  • 25GB – $110
  • 30 GB – $135
  • 40 GB – $180
  • 50 GB – $225
  • 60 GB – $270
  • 80 GB – $360
  • 100 GB – $450

These all are worry-free data where there will be no overage charges for you exceeding data.

AT&T Next

With the AT&T plans, you can also get the latest Smartphone for 0 down payments. You can choose your device that you want to get, choose the best installment plan for you and finally choose when to upgrade it. For this, you only have to pay the sales tax at first with no finance fees. Also, the down payment options are available according to your wish. You can either choose the AT&T Next or the AT&T Next Every Year in which you will get 30 monthly installments and 24 monthly installments respectively. You can upgrade your plan by three ways: Early upgrade, Reach upgrade and Payoff.

AT&T International Calls and Travels

With the AT&T International calls and travels service, you can travel with a confidence which you can save on the texting, calling and data while traveling abroad. It provides the passport packages for over two hundred countries. Also, you can select the cruise lines from the Cruise Packages.

AT&T Passport

The different facilities provided by the AT&T Passport are affordable high-speed data, unlimited texting, one-time charge for short trips which expires automatically after thirty days, monthly recurring charge for multiple and longer trips for which the minimum term requirement is of two months and the discounted calling rates.

AT&T Plans

AT&T Plans

Pay-Per-Use Rates

This rate applies without the package given by the AT&T service, if the package expires or the country you are traveling is not included in the package. The price of talk per minute is $1 for Canada or Mexico, $2 for Europe ( different countries are listed on the official site), 2.50 dollars for the Cruise Ships and Airlines and $3 for the rest of the countries of the world.

In the messages service, you can send the texts, pictures, and videos. The cost of the sending texts is $0.5 while the cost of sending the pictures and videos is $1.30.

For the Cellular data service, you can send the email, surf the internet with web browsing and post on the social media in $0.002 per Kb.