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at&t go phone

ATT Go Phone

Being an American International Telecommunications Corporation which s headquartered in DownTown Dallas, Texas and is mainly known as ATT. In United States, ATT is the largest provider of fixed telephone and the second largest provider of mobile telephone. Not only that, it also offers broadband subscription television services and known as the third largest company in Texas.  The brand name of prepaid mobile phone  is known as ATT Go Phone service from ATT Mobility which is a wholly owned subsidiary of ATT Inc.

att go phone

Originally, the Go Phone name and its product were assumed and implemented by McCaw Cellular which founder was Craig McCaw. In 1987, his company used first in commerce and by ATT it was bought in 1995.  By SBC Communications (Southwestern Bell Corporation) of an Antonio, Texas own Cingular at the time of 2004. After Cingular’s purchase of ATT Wireless, it was used by the pre-2004 “ATT Wireless” in that year for $41 billion. The original ATT Go Phone was abandoned and under it Cingular renamed it as a prepaid service. Even after “Cingular” renamed itself “ATT Mobility” the brand name Go Phone is still in use. AT&T also work as call management features as it include all in one such as  calling information, calling services, voicemail services, call screening features, call routing features, feature packages, inside wiring maintenance plan, long distance services, consolidated billing, consolidated billing quick reference wallet card.

Features and Benefits of ATT Go Phone

Att go phones

There are many features and benefits of using this ATT Go Phone and some of them are mentioned as follows:

  • Call Return :- ATT call return redials the last incoming call automatically for up to 30 minutes. If the called number becomes accessible ATT signals the user with a special ring.
  • Call Trace :- The customers allows to trigger a trace of an unwanted call which may be obscene, threatening or harassing in nature by the help of ATT Call Trace. It charge call on a per-use basis only.
  • Call Transfer :- It allows customers to transfer any incoming call to another line.
  • Call Waiting :- It allows the user to receive an incoming call while on the phone. The users can also deactivate call waiting. Automatically, call waiting will be reactivated for the new incoming call.
  • Speed Dialing :- An easy, time-saving features which allow users to program frequently called numbers. Depending on how long your frequently called number list, AT&T Go Phone has two options to choose from and they are Speed Dial-8 and Speed Dial-30.
  • Three-Way Calling :- A great productivity-enhancing tool which offers users have a third party in a conversation on a single phone line. If one or both parties are out of user local calling area, then user  may incur long distance charges.
att bundle plans

ATT Bundle Plans

Headquartered at Whitacre Tower in downtown Dallas, Texas, AT&T Inc. is an American multinational telecommunications corporation. It is the second largest provider of mobile telephone.  It provides voice, video, data, and internet telecommunications services to its customers. Customers can buy various packages to use the service offered by AT&T. They can buy the various ATT Bundle Plans according to their needs.

Followings are some of the ATT Bundle Plans offered by AT&T

AT&T Double Pack (ATT Bundle Plans)

att bundle plans

Cost – Under $45 per month


  • It includes home phone and internet plan.
  • This plan provides unlimited local call facility.
  • It provides high speed internet connection (Downstream speed up to 3.0 MB per second and upstream speed up to 512 MB per seconds). Unlimited email storage service is also included in this ATT Internet Plan.
  • Provides 24 hours customer service.
  • And you are also provided with custom calling features.

The Modem and AT&T Gateway router cost $75 and $100 respectively. The cost for technical installation is $149.

AT&T Double Pack II – ATT Bundle Plans

at&t bundle Plans

Cost – Under $60 per months


  • This Plan includes home phone, internet, and DIRECTV.
  • This Bundle Plan consists of unlimited local and long distance calling.
  • High speed internet connection (downstream speed up to 1.5MB per second and upstream speed up to 384 KB per second).
  • This plan is included with the online photo and video storage service.
  • Provided with self-installation kit.
  • You can get easy access to all national AT&T WI-FI Hot Spot network.
  • Provided with custom calling features.

The Modem and AT&T Gateway router cost $75 and $100 respectively. The cost for technical installation is $149.

AT&T Triple Pack – AT&T Bundle Plans

att internet

Cost – $80 per months


  • Offers unlimited local calling.
  • Internet connection (downstream up to 6.0 MB per second and upstream up to 768 KB per second.)
  • Included with DirectTv along with 205 channels.
  • Provided with self-installation kit.
  • Access to all national AT&T WI-FI Hot Spot network.
  • Secure firewall and anti-virus software provided.
  • Pop-up blocker and Parental Control included.
  • 24 hours customer service provided.

The Modem and AT&T Gateway router cost $75 and $100 respectively. The cost for technical installation is $149.

You can also create your own AT&T Bundle Plan. To start creating own bundle plan, go to this link and choose the services you need.