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AT&T App is for convenience of users of AT&T services. AT&T Inc. is a famous telecommunication company in the United States with its headquarter at Whitacre Tower in the Downtown Dallas. It has been providing different services like AT&T phones and tablets, talk, text and data plans, DIRECTV, U-verse TV, TV with ATT wireless and ultimate internet bundles.

Which includes the home phones, U-verse Internet,  AT&T GigaPower,  AT&T Wi-fi, Internet equipment, Digital Home phone, Traditional Home Phone plans. Along with accessories like wearable smart watches, activity trackers, speakers, headphones, cases, screen protectors and many more with lots of smart offers.

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Nowadays, it has been easy to all the customers to subscribe the different types of services provided by the AT&T. The feature is available  either through the internet or through the application in the different other devices. The applications are available in different operation systems for the services provided by the AT&T. People can easily get the service sitting at their home or places if they download the app in their devices. You can get the AT&T features and apps to work smarter and play more.

AT&T App

More About AT&T App

Protection and support

AT&T App helps for the protection and support of the users who are willing to get services of AT&T at ease way. Your investment will be protected through your new phone or tablet. This is a very flexible option given by the AT&T services.

AT&T Mobile Insurance

AT&T Mobile Insurance

AT&T provides the option of AT&T mobile insurance. Different mobile insurance services are provided by the AT&T which is very easy and you can subscribe them through the app in your device. It helps you by providing coverage against the damage, loss, theft, and malfunction of outdated warranty for your devices like tablets and phones. You can get this service at $790 per month.

AT&T Mobile Protection Pack

Mobile Insurance

From the AT&T app you can choose AT&T mobile protection pack. Are you thinking of giving protection to your mobile devices? Then you can use AT&T Mobile Protection Pack service for it. You can enjoy the benefits of the insurance of the mobile through the AT&T. In addition, you will get an expert and personalized project support by the AT&T.

Also, you will get an additional storage of 50 GB to store all your data and information. You can subscribe this service at $1099 per month for your devices with restrictions and limitations. You can backup your account and information, restore the features, and locate or alarm the features with the help of the Protect Plus app.

Account Management and Finance

With the help of the apps provided by the AT&T services, it has been easy to manage and finance your services. You can easily take control of your wireless service with freedom. You can make your payments easily with your mobile devices.

Detailed Billing

With this service, you can get through your monthly bill. It includes all the comprehensive call details like received and dialed numbers with the call duration and time of the call.  It costs $199 per mo.

AT&T Recharge

AT&T Recharge

With the recharge facility provided by the AT&T, you can add the text, data and voice minutes on prepaid phones and also the wireless customers can add credits for the acquaintances linking in Latin America and Mexico. This service is reliable and easy as it does not require  the credit card.

Data Perks

If you download the apps and games and do the shopping through the AT&T, you can earn an extra data for your favorite brand.

Cloud Storage and Backup

Cloud Storage and Backup

The AT&T provides a free cloud storage of 50 GB. You can utilize this cloud storage to get access to your data and information like videos, photos, contacts, and other files according to the available data rates.

AT&T App Mobile Transfer

AT&T Mobile Transfer

With this, you can transfer the data from your old phone to the new one with the wireless facility. This service is free and can be available to the compatible devices.

AT&T App Locker

AT&T App

It provides you a storage of 50 GB for the storage of your data and information like photos, videos, contacts and other files that you want to keep safe. 50 GB of the cloud storage is free for all the customers.

AT&T App Communication and Connectivity

This service has been provided in order to get connected. You can continue your conversations on any of your device with this service.

AT&T Messages

AT&T Messages

It helps to secure your messages of your phone and is free to subscribe.

AT&T Smart Wi-Fi

AT&T Smart Wi-Fi

With this service, you can easily get connected to the hotspot and Wi-Fi.

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