AT&T Download On Different Devices

Download the AT&T app to make yourself easier for subscribing the different services from your devices. Downloading the AT&T app is easy and the services provided by the AT&T will appear on the screen your device in an easy way. If you download the AT&T app on your mobile device, the surfing of the AT&T services will be at your fingertips. The AT&T app is readily available for the Android and Apple devices. You can download the app from the Google Play Store for Android devices and from the Apple store for the Apple devices. The app of the AT&T has been simplified for a better experience. The regular update of the app makes the customer easy and reliable to subscribe the services.

Downloads and documentation

You can download the application of the AT&T and get connected on different available mobile and computer platforms.

AT&T Connect software downloads

You can download the following AT&T connect software components on your devices.

AT&T Application Components

Participant application for Windows

You can download the participant application of the AT&T of version v11.7.303 on your Windows device. These essential interfaces of AT&T help you host and fully participate in the web conference of the AT&T Connect. It connects the participants in a live conference by incorporating functionality to load materials to a common whiteboard which helps the participants share applications, poll the audience, interact face-to-face, poll the audience and tour a web address. The additional resources include AT&T Connect conferencing for best practices and AT&T Connect Participant application for the end-user tutorial.

Participant application for Mac

The application of the AT&T of version v11.6.304 is available for Mac.

AT&T Connect for iPhone

atton iphone

The AT&T Connect for iPhone helps to join AT&T Connect events on the iPhone. It is a mobile conferencing application for the AT&T. The AT&T Connect Mobile for iPhone makes the mobile conferencing easy and convenient. The interaction with colleagues can be done by using the AT&T Connect for iPhone. The applications of AT&T Connect for iPhone can be downloaded and installed from the Apple iTunes. To download it, first of all, go to the Apple iTunes on your iPhone and search the ‘AT&T connect’ by typing it in the search box and hit enter. The application will be listed on the top of the search list which you can install it by clicking on the install button. After it gets installed on your iPhone you can use the features of the iPhone.

AT&T Connect for iPad

You can attend the AT&T Connect conferences with the iPad device which is a mobile conferencing application. You can interact with the colleagues with the help of the converged design of the AT&T Connect. The application features include view whiteboard content, one-click access into a web conference from the calendar or emailed invitation, know who’s speaking, activated AT&T Connect Hosts can initiate a reservation-less conference anywhere at any time, use app emoticons including raising your hand or giving ‘thumbs up!’ to the audience, easy to follow prompts for guiding you completely onto the voice conference, identify and chat with other participants, initiate a mobile video conference with your peers, application support of Call Me and VoIP iPad-resident to access the voice conference, share the contents and photos email attachments, iTunes and other apps. You can download the AT&T Connect for iPad through the Apple iTunes.

AT&T Connect for Android

The AT&T Connect for Android can also be downloaded for the Android platform. The application features include same as the features for iPhone devices as mentioned above. You can download the application of the AT&T connect through the Google Play Store on your Android devices.

AT&T Connect for Windows Phone

The AT&T Connect is also available for the Windows Phones too. You can download it from the Windows store of your windows phone for the AT&T application.

AT&T Connect Mobile resources

You will be able to collaborate and communicate in a conference of the AT&T Connect with great features. These features include Schedule future conferences, fully interactive participant list including chat and raise hand, invite others to join an on-air conference, live video conferencing, simplified audio connection options including mobile VoIP, re-assign the presenter role, secure your conference, share content from iPad and Android tablets, view whiteboard content and one-click entry into your reservation less meeting room.

AT&T Connect Mobile for BlackBerry

You can install the application of AT&T Connect for your BlackBerry. The application features include Calle Me and Dial-In features that simplify audio setup, interactive participants list to see or hear the other participants in the conference, mode of connection and their emotions, alert others that you have stepped in or out of the web conference, use emoticons to signal your opinion, automatic prompts guide you into an event and view the contents of the whiteboard.

Add-on for Microsoft Outlook

The intuitive tool ‘AT&T Conferencing Add-in for Microsoft Outlook’ helps to create one-time and recurring integrated conferences. You do not have to leave the interface of the Microsoft Outlook for it. You can also schedule a web or voice conference, post the agendas, invited the attendees with even a single click. You can also seamlessly attend the scheduled AT&T Connect web conferences through the calendar entry’s Outlook toolbar in addition. For this conference, the registration and activation of the Host are needed.

AT&T Connect Add-in for Microsoft Skype for Business

AT&T Connect Add-in for Microsoft Skype for Business is available on the version v11.5.211. You can seemingly attend and launch reservations AT&T Connect conferences with the colleagues through Microsoft Skype for the Business Desktop application.

AT&T Connect Add-in for Google Calendar.

This Add-in is available on version v11.5.214.

Communication and connectivity

This service has been provided in order to get connected. You can continue your conversations on any of your device with this service.

AT&T Locker

It provides you storage of fifty GB for the storage of your data and information like photos, videos, contacts and other files that you want to keep safe. Fifty GB of the cloud storage is free for all the customers.

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