About AT&T Home Service

AT&T Home Service is for customers who wants reliable services for their home via AT&T. AT&T has provided different home service plans for the customers. The services are easy to subscribe and more reliable. The new and existing customers can get a customer service number. The repair appointment service makes the repairing of the AT&T products easier and repairs them faster. The landline home phone services along with the wireless home calling services are also available. The customer support team is always ready to help the customers at any time.

AT&T Home Service


Home Phone

AT&T home service is always ready to provide help 24/7 for the landline Home Phone Support from the AT&T support team if you have any problems on the services of the AT&T.

Landline – Home Phone billing

In the AT&T homer service facility the customers of the AT&T landline can get customer service numbers. The facility is available from Monday to Saturday in a week and from 9 AM to 6 PM every opening day.

Landline Home Phone services


You can create an account of the AT&T at its official website and get an update on the services provided by it. Shopping through the AT&T account is easy as well as subscribing different services provided by it.

Installation & Setup

The installation and setup of the AT&T products are very easy. The service is also reliable too You can have your AT&T products setup in less time.

Voicemail & Features

The AT&T provides a crystal clear voicemail services to the customers through the different voicemail devices available in the market. You can have local and international calls through the provided devices and the features are outstanding. Along with the cheap prices, you can get better calling-features. It is one of the best option which can be obtained via AT&T home service.

Order & Repair Help

You can get help on the ordering and repair the AT&T products immediately when you contact the AT&T support team. The ordering and repairing are fast and reliable.

Check Order Status

Get the check order status from the AT&T.

AT&T Repair Appointment

You can fill the AT&T repair appointment and get the repair service soon which is very easy and consume less time.

Landline Repair Appointment

You can also fill the AT&T landline repair appointment to repair the landline at your home.

Reporting a Landline Problem

Contact the AT&T support team to fix the problems related to the landline. You can report the problem by filling the form online.

Home Phone services

Digital home phone

The phone calls from the AT&T digital home phone service has been made easy as it provides clear landline or digital plans, the most up-to-date equipment and easy wireless options. These services are very reliable with an affordable plan for everyone. You can find your own home phone service that is right for you like AT&T phone called U-verse Voice with which you can receive calls over your high-speed internet connection, GoPhone Wireless home phone with unlimited nationwide and crystal clear calling, traditional home phone services, and other accessories.

Landline phone plans

The AT&T domestic phone plan can be chosen that is right for you. AT&T one rate nationwide DIRECT 10 costs 2.99 dollars per mo or less with which you can get one simple rate. The AT&T nationwide calling 120 DIRECT costs 14.99 dollars on which you can get 120 minutes of nationwide calling per month. The AT&T unlimited plus costs 32.99 per mo or less and you can get unlimited nationwide calling 24 hours a day.

Long distance plans

With the international phone deals from AT&T, you can save more. The AT&T worldwide occasional calling costs 1.49 dollars per mo and includes same flat per minute rates anytime, any day and low international per minute rates to over 220 countries.

Wireless home phone

Go wireless at home with the low-costing wireless network of the AT&T. The cost of the unlimited nationwide calling is twenty dollars in which you do not have to worry about the long distances charges and watch more minutes of the call. Along with it, you can get the call waiting, voicemail, call forwarding, caller Number ID, and three-way calling service and talk all you want. The setup of the wireless home phone is just a cinch. Also, you can take your wireless Home phone device with you when you move or travel along with the home phone number.

Home phone equipment

You can get home phone equipment for you that fit your lifestyle. The shop plans, products, and packages include cell phones, TV, the Internet, Bundles, tablets and other accessories.

Home phone in my area

Get the residential offerings in your area and see the products services and support available for your area with the AT&T. You can enter your ZIP code if you are an either a new or an existing customer and find the residential offerings.

AT&T Home Service
AT&T Home Service

AT&T telephone

AT&T telephone is a service provided by the AT&T company, which is an American wireless company. AT&T stands for American Telephone and telegraph. The American Telephone and telegraph has been providing the latest telephone and landline facilities to the people. You can meet a phone system with lots of great features with a color for every room. You can easily brighten your space with a phone system that features caller ID announce and four new hues. You can also enjoy the freedom of making VoIP and landline calls from virtually anywhere in your home. Therefore you can be heard anywhere in your home.

Conference speakerphone with wireless mics

While buying the conference speakerphone with wireless mics, you will also get four wireless and two fixed DECT 6.0 microphones. You can get it at Five Hundred and Ninety-Nine dollars with free shipping. The general features include a standard 2-years warranty with an industry-leading, two-line backlit display with date and time, digital mixing, wireless microphone auto power off, wireless microphone battery low indicator, flashing LED, Eco mode, Pre-dialing with editing, 10 speed dial entries, mute indicator, enhanced noise reduction, comfort noise injection, fast adaptive feedback control, number saving from CID log to phone book or speed dial, alpha phone book search, fifty name or number phone book entries, fifty CID log entry, active call indicator and connection to existing PBX or IP-PBX systems requires and Analog Line interface adapter with RJ-11 Connector.

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