AT&T Insurance

AT&T offers an insurance programs for the AT&T eligible mobile devices. The AT&T Insurance helps to protect your device against the lost and theft. Your device will also be protected against physical damages and other defects when it runs out of the warranty. The coverage will be provided for 2 claims within a year. You can insure your mobile with $6.99 monthly premium for your enrolled mobile number.AT&T Insurance

How to get enrolled to Phone Insurance?

The enroll process for AT&T insurance is very easy. You can do it after logging in to the myAT&T account or you can get the help of wireless sales representative. After activating the service or upgrading your device, you can get enrolled. Remember that you will need to enroll within the 30 days of activating the service or upgrading the device.

How to make a claim in AT&T Insurance?

If you need to make a claim then you can do it in very easy way. The claim can be made from the You can also make it from 8885628662. The line is available on Monday to Friday (7 AM to 9 PM, CST) and Saturday to Sunday ( 8 AM to 8 PM CST).

You can suspend the service or you can prevent your device it from being used by the unauthorized person if your device was stolen or lost. For this you can contact 866.MOBILITY which will get you contacted with AT&T Customer Care. They will help you to suspend your service.

When you are provided with the replacement for your damaged device, then you should return your damaged phone with the prepaid shipping label. IF you do not return then you will be charged up to $850 in your wireless bill.AT&T Insurance

Note: If your device gets lost then you should make a claim in AT&T Insurance within 60 days.

Things you Should do When Your Device is Lost

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  1. Immediately inform your wireless service provider.
  2. Make a claim through the Authorized Representative of the company. If the claims are not submitted to the Authorized Representative then the claim will not be approved. Also the claim made after the 60 days of device being loss will also be forfeited. So always remember to make a claim before 60 days.
  3. While making a claim make sure you provide the proof of loss statement and copy of the police report or police report case number. You will also need to provide the original sale bill of your device.
  4. The company will investigate your loss of the property after you make a claim. So, you should always cooperate in the investigation. Give the true answers when you are questioned about the loss. The company will record your answers and you should sign it.
  5. Follow the direction provided by the company when the repair for the covered device is arranged.

The Ineligible devices for AT&T InsuranceAT&T Insurance

The devices that you cannot insure are Tablets included with prepaid data plans, PlayStation Vita,  Blackberry Playbook, Amazon Kindle, Phones of GO Phone accounts, AT&T 3G microcell. Samsung Galaxy Camera (EK GC100A) and device models that are not provided by AT&T.

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