AT&T Phone Service

AT&T is a very popular American Multinational Telecommunication Company. It offers the various services related to the mobile phones, home phones and internet service. AT&T Phone Service various plans to fulfill all the needs of the caller.AT&T phone service

AT&T offers very reliable home phone service to its customers. The service can be used for many features such as making a short distance or long distance calls. Unlimited local calls at flat rate service. Similarly many features are added to it.

Various AT&T Phone Service Package

  1. Home Phone Plus Internet ServiceAT&T phone service

This package is offered for $26.oo/month or less for AT&T Primary Residential Line. On the reliable flat rate service in which you can make unlimited calls in your local area. Similarly, you will be charged $14.95 for AT&T High Speed Internet Basic. You are guaranteed that your downstream speed will be 10 times faster.

So, if you are looking for the unlimited local calls and high speed internet then this package is definitely for you. You can order it right now. The order can be made through the link –

You will need to pay the installation charge of $200 for the service.

  1. All Distance Package

This package is offered for $51/month or less for the AT&T Primary Residential Line and you can make unlimited calls in your local area as well as unlimited long distance call within the nation. It offers other various features such as caller ID, call waiting, privacy manager, call return, call forwarding, speed calling, priority call and others. It also offers the call blocking feature which lets you to block unwanted calls. However some features might be unavailable in different states. You can order online for the service through the link

  1. Complete choice enhanced

This package is offered for $36/month or less. With this you can enjoy unlimited local callings. Likewise the various features are offered which are listed here:-

  • Caller ID and Call waiting
  • Call blocker
  • Facility to make three way calling
  • Priority call
  • Call forwarding
  • Blocking the unwanted calls
  • Feature to return the call

However, all the areas might not be available with the service and the features might differ according to the states. You can also get the Privacy Manager feature if you want but you will need to pay additional charges.

  1. Standard Home Phone Service

The package is available for $26/month or less on the primary phone line with the flat rate. You can enjoy the unlimited local callings with the service. You can get this offer if you purchase the qualifying feature like Call Waiting or Caller Id. Remember that you may require to pay the additional charges and taxes. Your monthly price will not include the taxes, fees, extended area charge and subscriber line charges.AT&T phone service

If you already have AT&T Phone Service then you can apply for more offers or features. You can sign to your account from the link – to add the feature in your phone service.

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