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AT&T wireless service

ATT wireless service

AT&T is Telecommunication Company is widely popular for its services in the fields of the telephone service and internet service in United States. One of the widely used service offered by it is its wireless home phone and internet service. You can now get the quick access to the internet through AT&T 4G network. It can be connected through your tablets, computers and smartphone. You will be connecting your device to the device called AT&T Home Base which allows you to connect to the internet. ATT Wireless Service will provide the high speed internet connection to any devices that has been connected to it by creating the safe and secured wireless home networking environment.AT&T wireless service

By using the service you will be using the internet in the AT&T 4 F LTE area. From here you can easily surf the internet and enjoy the features like sharing photos and videos, listening songs, watching movies and many more.

ATT Wireless Service Size and Cost

AT&T Wireless Service offers you various data plan to choose from. You can select any of them as your need and wish. Followings are the data plan listed:-

  1. 10 GB offered for the price of $80 per month.
  2. 20 GB offered for the price of $110 per month.
  3. 30 GB offered for the price of $140 per month.ATT wireless service

You can easily set up and use it. Just take out the phone from your box and then it can be connected by various WiFi devices. Up to 10 devices can be connected at a time with ATT Wireless Service. You can set it at any place where you need to have strong internet connection. The setup process is so quick and simple that you do not require any phone jack and other internet connection.

ATT Wireless Service

After installing it, you will be able to enjoy the following services in the internet easily:-

  1. You can stream your favorite movies. This is a great way for entertainment. When you feel bored just get access to AT&T network and start watching your favorite movie.
  2. You can easily watch and download the HD movies.
  3. You can download your favorite songs.
  4. You have an option to share the photos in a flash.
  5. You can watch the live Television in High Definition.
  6. You can get entertained by playing the various online games.
  7. Enjoy all the services available over the internet including the AT&T email service, news, messangers and others.ATT wireless service

In the ATT Wireless Home Phone, you are provided with the additional calling features with no additional charges. The features offered are call forwarding, caller number ID, 3 way calling and voice mail. Another extra service added to it is increased Battery Life. It helps you to get in touch even if your battery is empty. You can get connected for additional 1.5 hours of talk time and when it is kept in standby it will work for extra 18 hours.

To use the ATT wireless internet service you need to be in the 4G LTE coverage area. You can find it out from the web link:

att unlimited data plan

ATT Data Plan

Headquartered at Whitacre Tower in downtown Dallas, Texas, AT&T is an American multinational telecommunications corporation. The customers can buy various data plans from AT&T. The data plan such as AT&T Mobile Share Device Data Plans and family mobile share Data Plans are offered by the company. There are different types of ATT Data Plan among which some are described further in this article.

ATT Data Plan

att data plan

The features of ATT data plans are listed below:-

  • With this data plan, you can enjoy unlimited talk time and text messaging service.
  • You can enjoy unlimited texting service from United States to any countries of the world.
  • The data you did not used this month can be used in the next months.

You are charged with the certain amount of money to use the service. The cost details of AT&T Data Plan is given below:-

  • 10 GB Plan

ATT 10GB Data Plan

Cost – (device access charge+$100 per month)

Devices                                                               Device Access Charges

Tablet, Camera, Game Device                            $10.00/month

Basic Phone                                                            $15.00/month

Internet Device                                                      $20.00/month

Smart Locator, Automotive                                 $10.00/month

Wearable Access Charge                                      $10.00/month

Wireless Home Phone                                          $20.00/month

Wireless Home Phone Internet                         $30.00/month

  • Volume Based ATT Data Plan

Volume Based ATT Data Plan

  1. 300 MB Cost –       Device access charge+$20 per month
  2. 1 GB Cost –             $25.00 /moth +Device access charge
  3. 3GB Cost –             $40.00 /month+ Device access charge
  4. 6 GB Cost –            $70 per month +device access charges
  5. 15 GB Cost –          $130 per month +device access charges
  6. 20 GB Cost –         $150+device access charges
  7. 30 GB Cost –         $225 per month + device access charges
  8. 40 GB – Cost –       $300 per month + device access charges
  9. 50 GB Cost –          $375 per month + device access charges
  • Family Mobile Share Data Plan

ATT Family Mobile Share Data Plan

The features of mobile share data plan are listed below:-

  • Enjoy unlimited talk time and text messages.
  • Unlimited texting service from US to all around the world.
  • 50 GB cloud storage service offered

You can estimate your monthly data usage by using the Data Calculator provided online to buy any data plan. The Data Calculator is available in the web page

ATT Internet

ATT Speed Test

ATT is an American multinational telecommunication corporation that is second largest service provider of mobile telephone and fixed telephone provider in the United States. It also provides Broadband Subscription television services. AT&T corporate headquarters in Dallas, Texas, United States launched in October 5, 1983. According to revenues, profits, assets and market value ATT is 23rd largest company in the world. It ranked as a 20th largest mobile telecom operator in the world on 2014, with over 121.8 million mobile customers.

AT&T Spped Test

As it is online service it provide, ATT Speed Test facility to measure the though and gauge the performance to your online experience in the social networking site and AT&T Inc. service. The ATT speed test provides user a direct connection between the closest and regular ATT users or server and your home. It also tests the speed between the computer and the internet. If you want to conduct the speed test of your connectivity and see how quickly its transfers your data to and from the internet here are a tips or procedure.

How to Check ATT Speed Test?

ATT Speed Test

  1. First of go to web browser and visit com/speed test.
  2. There you can a page or a type of form where you need to enter your ATT email address (optional)
  3. After the loading is complete select Start Test button.

After speed test activity is performed and your result from the test is lower than the expectation, you can visit Optimizing Your Connection Page for the next steps that you can use to enhance your online experience. If you are measuring speed test it will take less than a minute and performs two key measurements:

  • Download speed (it looks upon the speed of data that is send from the internet to your computer)
  • Upload speed (it checks the speed of data that is sent from the computer to the Internet)

As many internet service packages you receive or purchase from ATT may affect from many from factors and it influence on the actual internet speed you experience at a specific time period. The factors that influence your internet speed are:

  • Through the wiring in your home.
  • ATT has millions of users, so from ATT network to the internet you use.
  • Between the connection of computer and devices and your modern or gateway.
  • From the network device located outside your home to the ATT network.
att bundle plans

ATT Bundle Plans

Headquartered at Whitacre Tower in downtown Dallas, Texas, AT&T Inc. is an American multinational telecommunications corporation. It is the second largest provider of mobile telephone.  It provides voice, video, data, and internet telecommunications services to its customers. Customers can buy various packages to use the service offered by AT&T. They can buy the various ATT Bundle Plans according to their needs.

Followings are some of the ATT Bundle Plans offered by AT&T

AT&T Double Pack (ATT Bundle Plans)

att bundle plans

Cost – Under $45 per month


  • It includes home phone and internet plan.
  • This plan provides unlimited local call facility.
  • It provides high speed internet connection (Downstream speed up to 3.0 MB per second and upstream speed up to 512 MB per seconds). Unlimited email storage service is also included in this ATT Internet Plan.
  • Provides 24 hours customer service.
  • And you are also provided with custom calling features.

The Modem and AT&T Gateway router cost $75 and $100 respectively. The cost for technical installation is $149.

AT&T Double Pack II – ATT Bundle Plans

at&t bundle Plans

Cost – Under $60 per months


  • This Plan includes home phone, internet, and DIRECTV.
  • This Bundle Plan consists of unlimited local and long distance calling.
  • High speed internet connection (downstream speed up to 1.5MB per second and upstream speed up to 384 KB per second).
  • This plan is included with the online photo and video storage service.
  • Provided with self-installation kit.
  • You can get easy access to all national AT&T WI-FI Hot Spot network.
  • Provided with custom calling features.

The Modem and AT&T Gateway router cost $75 and $100 respectively. The cost for technical installation is $149.

AT&T Triple Pack – AT&T Bundle Plans

att internet

Cost – $80 per months


  • Offers unlimited local calling.
  • Internet connection (downstream up to 6.0 MB per second and upstream up to 768 KB per second.)
  • Included with DirectTv along with 205 channels.
  • Provided with self-installation kit.
  • Access to all national AT&T WI-FI Hot Spot network.
  • Secure firewall and anti-virus software provided.
  • Pop-up blocker and Parental Control included.
  • 24 hours customer service provided.

The Modem and AT&T Gateway router cost $75 and $100 respectively. The cost for technical installation is $149.

You can also create your own AT&T Bundle Plan. To start creating own bundle plan, go to this link and choose the services you need.